Rheja McRae (Gilchrist)

Over 1000 Vancouver area families supported as a doula since 1995.

(that’s a lot of long nights & beautiful babies!)

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My Doula Story

I am dedicated to providing experienced, respectful, compassionate support to women and their families throughout pregnancy and childbirth.


In 1988, while pregnant with my first child, I was living in a small, close knit community in rural BC. It turned out that several of my dear friends were also pregnant that same year! It was a natural evolution for us to support one another as we journeyed together on this path. We laughed, we cried, we faced struggles together, and we learned from each other.

Being pregnant myself while attending births, I came to a deeper understanding of the innate power and wisdom of birthing women, as well as witnessing first hand the value of support during this rite of passage. We were the Village…. Being an integral part of this powerful community gave me a deeply rooted foundation upon which to build my doula practice.

Once I moved to Vancouver, friends and families continued to recognize me as a valuable support person at their births. Attending these births and supporting families came natural to me. Birthing mothers and families responded favourably to my quiet presence, gentle encouragement and my ability to patiently hold the space.

It became clear that I had found my true calling, or rather, it had found me! When I learned that this was an actual profession– this thing called doula – I was ecstatic.

My formal training & continuing education

I then began the process of formal training to become a certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor and a Childbirth Educator. In an effort to expand my knowledge and scope of work, I continue to upgrade my education with ongoing professional development. My background and knowledge in nutrition helps me to provide additional assistance for women during their pregnancy. I am also trained as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, thus expanding my capacity to support women and babies…

Now, after attending over one thousand births, I still feel as passionate about supporting families as I did at my first birth over 20 years ago.

When not welcoming babies I enjoy…. training at my local CrossFit, walking in the woods, making people laugh…. I feel lucky to be Mom to three wonderful adult daughters, and Nana to three sweet granddaughters and finally a grandson! I live with my loving husband  Jeff, in Port Moody, BC.

birth and postpartum doula
birth and postpartum doula
birth and postpartum doula

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