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Over 1000 Vancouver area families supported as a doula since 1995.

(that’s a lot of long nights & beautiful babies!)

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Postpartum Doula Care

IMG_0402As a postpartum doula, I support new parents – guiding and assisting you as you nurture your baby and transition with your growing family. Postpartum care is always tailored to your specific and changing needs. I provide gentle assistance throughout the beginning of your child’s life to help you relax, recover, and enjoy your baby. My care includes breastfeeding support and education, showing techniques for soothing your newborn, baby wearing tips, new mother self-care, nutritional advice and cranial sacral therapy.

You may find that you need emotional support, time for talking through your birth experience and someone around to answer the myriad of questions that come up. Having a trusted person present to care for you and your baby may also give you the opportunity to take break for yourself to shower, eat, enjoy time with your other children or your partner, or… have a nap!

Doula Fees & Care Options

The fee for my postpartum doula services is $40 per hour. This fee reflects my 20 years of experience and knowledge. Let’s begin with a free consult to help you feel 100% confident in your decision.

postpartum doula
postpartum doula
postpartum doula

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