Rheja McRae (Gilchrist)

Over 1000 Vancouver area families supported as a doula since 1995.

(that’s a lot of long nights & beautiful babies!)

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I believe deeply that every woman has the ability and the right to give birth in her own way. My role is to hold the space needed to allow each birth to unfold with dignity.


Little did I know, when I attended my first birth in rural BC over two decades ago, that I would dedicate my life’s journey to supporting pregnant women and their growing families. (read more…)

“Rheja brings thoughtful intelligence, intuitive wisdom, and gentle loving support to her work.”

Rachel Rees, Registered Midwife

If only all women could feel so supported…You helped me feel safe, loved and capable of moving mountains. Every step of the way we felt supported by your warm and nurturing care. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much peace & confidence you helped me achieve as I approached & have entered motherhood – if only all women could feel so supported.”

Katie & Darren, Scotia, Milo & Poppy

Rheja is resourceful, respectful, kind and loving. She brings calm and peace into the birth experience, focused on mother and child safety. She works in lock-step with the midwives, and above all, brings dignity to these sacred and powerful moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Dena, Rob, Nic & Quinn

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